Hi. So…I’m still alive. I graduated and got my dainty little hands on that piece o’ (expensive) paper. And now I’m doing the housewife thing, you know- washing my husbands work shirts, baking breads, and going to hot yoga in the middle of the afternoon. It’s terrible 😉 . I’m actually really enjoying myself. The first week of being done with school was miserable, but that’s because I made myself miserable. I guess I kind of freaked out. I wanted to know God’s plan for me right then, without waiting. I’ve never been in a waiting season. I’ve always worked or gone to school, or done both. But now it’s like “Okay, God. What should I do today?” Haha. Such a horrible problem to have, right?!

I am applying to all sorts of jobs and trusting that God will put me exactly where He wants me. In the meantime, I am focusing on making my home a haven for my hubs to come home to. Trying to do everything I can to make sure he is happy. So, life is good. I have so many things that I am grateful for lately. Ever since I’ve fasted from Facebook (that is another post coming soon!), my relationship with God has soared. I mean, we’re pretty much besties. Guess you could say I’m “high on the Holy Spirit”! Anywho, I hope that you are well and that your heart is light. I can’t wait to tell you about my month off of social media (except Instagram…because, well…yeah right). I also need to do an update on all of the books I’ve been reading. I’ve read so many great ones lately! I love it when that happens!

Lately, I’m thankful for…

1. …a pup that touches her nose to my hand to let me know she’s caught up with me when we go hiking…

2. …a husband that gets super into our evening badminton games…go big or go home, baby

3. …whoever invented donuts…

4. …breakfast conversation that makes me forget how much time has gone by…and friends that make you feel like you are the most important part of their day

5. …neighbors that offer you fresh-picked okra, a free newspaper, and homemade zucchini bread just cos…

6. …the bird that stopped pooping on our tomato plants. I’m glad you’ve found a better toilet.

7. …Gods waiting room. How else will I learn to fully depend on and trust You if I never have to wait for anything? I’m so glad that it is Your will that will be done and not mine…for You are so much wiser than I

8. …friends that smuggle homemade cookies into a concert via pants stuffing

9. …worship songs that make me put down the broom and lift my hands to God while cleaning

10. …the Book of Romans and this verse:

“Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.” Romans 4: 20-21

11. …a child-like curiosity for anything involving nature that has been given to me, Your glory surrounds us, Jesus

12. …Sunday evening walks with my guy without the dog. Sometimes you just need to leave the dog at home.

13. …sleepy-time tea, a comfy couch, and a knitted blanket at the end of a long day (because I still get cold on 94 degree days)


I’ve been on an Indie movie kick lately too! So I’ll include that in my book post as well. I still have 11 days until my Facebook fast ends, and I don’t want to report back on that until after the time is up and I’ve gone back on so I can give a full account of it…but -spoiler alert- it has been so amazing. It’s amazing what develops when your mind isn’t bogged down with social media.

So…until next time, know that the Lord is good. He watches out for each and every one of His children. And He is happy when you look at Him. Sometimes, well…many times, I’ve turned my face away from God in shame..shame of something I’ve thought or done, or even felt…something that I’d want to hide from God, but even then, He gently takes my chin in His mighty hand and turns my gaze back to Him. There is nothing but love and compassion coming from those eyes. He loves you with a love that the oceans cannot even hold….and I hope you know that.

See you, xoxo

Stacey B.