I haven’t written a “thankful” post in a while…figured it was about time! So, on that note…

I’m thankful for…

1. Morning tea and time spent reading His Word

2. The birds singing outside of my window in the morning…this is my wake-up call and I couldn’t ask for a better one.

3. My husband, who will sit on the couch for 30 minutes while I practice presenting a presentation. He knows nothing about DNA and shotgun sequencing, but he listens and nods anyway 🙂

4. My fatty chickens that follow me around the yard, thinking I keep a sac of food on me at all times. They’re completely spoiled, but give me such fun entertainment.

5. For the Good and Mighty Lord giving me patience when I have to sit on the phone for 20 minutes with our internet provider. And the countless other times He’s extended grace and patience to me when all I want to do is lose my temper.

6. For peace in my heart while actually giving my presentation today…and for those two that came up to me to compliment me on it afterward. It takes selflessness and kindness to extend a compliment to someone else, and I greatly appreciate the feedback.

7. For the fact that my internet (that has been down all day) is going strong now for almost an hour. This allows me to “detox” from school and relax my mind. Thank you, Lord!

8. For stories of war and redemption, and the reminder that my life could be much, much worse.

9. For our great, big garden that is growing so amazingly! I haven’t lost a plant yet! All of our squash plants have bloomed beautiful yellow flowers…I am eagerly anticipating our first harvest 😀

10. For evening walks around our property with the mister. I love our talks on getting pigs and playing “Keep-Away” from Marley 😀 These things make my day.

11. For a mom that is so selfless that she actually gives me a gift on Mothers Day.

12. For friends that love adventure and trees as much as I do!

13. For glimpses of heaven and my Father that allow me to keep my eyes focused on the things above.

14. For elusive driveway bunnies that will gladly accept strawberries from me…but not a pat on the head 😉

15. For the last three weeks of school and this heart of anticipation. I will not rush it, I will soak it in and thank Jesus when it is over. It’s so close I can almost taste it.

I hope whatever you are doing, that your heart is light and filled with peace. Go give a hug and make someone else’s day 🙂 Until next time…


Stacey B.

PS. You can find me on Instagram if that is yo thing!



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