I learned some (random) things this past week.

For instance, the Old Crow Medicine Show station on Pandora is THE BEST station there ever was. Johnny Cash, Avett, Wailin’ Jennys…so much goodness to it. I like to put Pandora on my phone and then stick it in my pocket while I clean.

I also learned that my chickens go apes**t for some dang strawberries. I cut them up really small and put them on an old pie plate. Its barely touched the ground before Kiki (the deformed one) starts pecking away. I also now know that this is the only chance I will have to “pet” her. She’s so soft 😀 Sometimes I feel like my animals put on a certain face when they see me walking towards them…maybe their view of me is like this:

(Elmyra from Tiny Toons)

They get this look that says “Oh God. Stay calm, she’s coming towards me. She’s going to shove her face in my fur…it only takes a few seconds. Just grin and bear it.”

They love me.

In other news, Jason made a raised bed for me in our field this weekend! I originally planned to start all of my plants from scratch- germinating them, etc..but we waited too long to till the land. So Jason built this out of scrap wood that was left behind in our barn 😀 Yay for re-purposing things!



This past week, I also learned that I should wear my glasses while trying to read a recipe. I dedicated Wednesday morning to pie-making and house-cleaning. It’s a pie recipe that I’ve made 1,000 times, so I kind of glanced at the recipe (without glasses). Instead of adding the 2 tablespoons of flour, I added two cups. I thought to myself the entire time: “Surely this isn’t right. Two cups is so much. I don’t remember it this way.”

And then I read the tablespoons. It was a strawberry pie, so I had to sift the flour back through them to make it right. And there was still about a cup that didn’t come off. So instead of a pie, it baked into this sort of strawberry biscuit-type thing 🙂 Jason says it’s awesome. #winning

Sometimes I do weird things that leave me laughing all  week…but Jason never gets the joke. Which makes me laugh more.

Last night there was a plastic hanger on the floor of the bedroom. Jason was already in bed, waiting for me to turn the light out. So I grabbed the hanger and started hitting him with it (gently) while dramatically yelling “No! Plastic! Hangers!”. He’d never seen Mommy Dearest, so it wasn’t funny to him 🙂

In other other news: I am so over school. June 20th is my last day!! It gets harder to care about with every day that passes. My brain is already heading towards the freedom and I have to keep reeling it back in. It’s torture. I’m so close though!

Another thing: I’ve now crossed another band off of my “to-see” list! We went to see Weezer a couple of weeks ago! It was a decent show; they played all of their hits. It was super crowded and the stage presence wasn’t anything to write home about, but a good time nonetheless. This is what my “to-see” list looks like now (in no particular order):

Counting Crows, Mumford & Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show, Aerosmith (I doubt this is going to happen. I actually had tickets to one of their shows many years ago, but they cancelled the day before), Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Eat World

Artists I’ve crossed off my list- Weezer, Avett (four times!), Langhorne Slim, Hillsong

What shows do you want to see in your lifetime? Top 5? Got any awesome music recommendations for me?


One of the best moments of my week: Me, and two other friends, prayed over our other friend who had anxiety about an astronomy test. It was random, public (in the hallway at school), and awesome. I love laying my hand on someone’s shoulder and praying for them (when they invite me to, haha). It creates this closeness that only God can give ❤

Well, those are my random thoughts! I hope to be back with some home updates for ya’ll! Things are chugging along at the Belk Homestead 😀 Whatever you’re doing or have done this week, I hope your hearts are light and merry ❤


Stacey B.


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