For a giggle….

I’m watching The Office reruns while I play on the internet. It’s great. I had two exams today and haven’t watched TV in days (weeks?)! Feels good to rot some brain cells 😀

My heart felt sad this week…for a couple of reasons.

1. I learned what happens (neurologically) to bugs when you use insecticide on them. It’s heartbreaking. I walked out of Zoology vowing never to use that stuff again…but I still thought about it all week.

2. My TA lost his temper with me and called me an idiot in front of the entire lab class. I know he didn’t mean it, that he was just angry from the way I’d handled a slide. I don’t mind being called an idiot (because I definitely know that isn’t true!) but the yelling kind of shocked me. I don’t like, no, I hate when a person raises their voice to me. That’s something I don’t handle very well. I’m not used to being yelled at! So naturally I went to the bathroom to cry it out, regained composure, and walked gracefully back to lab.

So, anyway. Those are my sob stories of the week. Now, let’s get happy! Whenever I get down about school, or life, or human existence…I like to do something I call “laughing”. I thought maybe you need a laugh too this week 😀 Here are some things that make me LOL ❤

Look, I'm a hooman. Get off da counter, don't eat mai fud, dur dur dur dur


Oh my gosh

When you ask your brother to pick you up…

"She's pretty much my soulmate."

Haha! Best episode ever


If none of these are brightening your mood, well…put on some music and dance around your house. Some people drink beer to help them calm the heck down and take a load off. I like to dance. It’s not really “dancing” as much as it is jumping up and down from room to room…like a bunny, but you get the idea. I would tell you a joke, but I don’t know any. I would tell you a funny story from my childhood, but there are things that probably shouldn’t be on the internet 🙂 Anyway, all of those pins are from my “Things that make me LOL” board, which has more hilarity if you choose to go there!

Here’s to not being an idiot! Here’s to laughing and loving yourself no matter what others think of you ❤ Cheers,

Stacey B.


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