Eyeballs, Brains, and Hearts- A Week of Grossness

“Pass me that bag of eyeballs.”

This week was gross. If I could wash all of the stuff I learned this week out of my brain, I would. Especially the images of the actual specimens seen in class. In real life. Like, right in front of my face.

Maybe because it was Halloween, or maybe he just really gets into gross stuff, but my Developmental Bio teacher asked groups of four to present a presentation on a mutation of their choice. And of course we chose gross ones with graphic pictures and of course there was someone in our group that worked at the hospital that had access to the exact mutation we were covering. Aye-yi-yi. So this week in school, I’ve seen fetuses that were born with their intestines on the outside of their body (omphalocele), bags of real human eyeballs (another group was doing cyclops mutation), real slices of human brain (another group was doing anencephaly)…and the list goes on. And then the hospital worker brought other organs and what-not just for others to look at.

I, of course, was trying not to puke.

Not only that class, but in Animal Phys lab we had to dissect a sheep heart. I didn’t touch it. Not because I’m squeamish, but because I feel bad for the poor sheep that the heart used to live in. Next week we’ll be dissecting cats. I don’t know how I’m going to get through that one.

I also did a paper on parasitic wasps. Female parasitic wasps are pretty dang gangster. Like all parasitic wasps, they lay their eggs in a poor, unsuspecting host (usually a moth or caterpillar). The eggs then multiply and differentiate into two different types of larvae: soldier larvae and reproductive larvae. Soldier larvae attack other competitive invaders trying to use the host as well, while reproductive larvae eat the host from the inside out. Once the host is eaten, the soldier larvae die. But do you know what the larvae do to that poor moth? They eat everything except the brain. So the moth is still alive and can provide a perfect “home” for the larvae to grow, but it is a walking zombie pretty much. Isn’t that cool/terrible?

So anyway, back to what I was saying about the females- they are vicious. If there are more males than females in the host, the females will kill all of the males making the ratio in their favor. They also kill others that have different genes too! They kill relatives, the men, females that don’t share their genes…they pretty much rule the host. So…wow. Sorry to get off on a tangent about parasitic wasps 😀

By Thursday, I was ready for the grossness to end. And I desperately wanted a beer! I got my second test back from Animal Phys and I did better! I can still pass the class! I also met with my adviser for what I’m hoping was the last time. My husband is ready for me to be done with school. I think I saw him for a whole 15 minutes this week.  He found me lying in the fetal position on the floor a few times this week too.

Did you guys dress up? We went to a party with friends and it was super fun 🙂 Here is my costume:


People got it. I was glad. Jason wore a plastic sheriffs badge on a flannel shirt as his costume. In other news:

Campus is freakin’ b-e-a-utiful (#JimCarrey) this time of year! I can’t get enough of it!




My dog has been driving me insane. It rained all day yesterday and she kept shoving her toys into my thigh whenever I’d walk or sit..It’s looking sunny outside today! Gonna get this little ankle-biter to the dog park!


Also, lots of homework means that house cleaning was ignored this week, so I should probably go get a start on that. Here’s to there only being 2 more months of school left! Hallelujah! I’m off to go live the fancy life…meaning I’m going to go do dishes. I hope your weekend is a great one. Spread the love ❤ ❤ ❤


Stacey B.


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