Coyote Patrol

Hi there.

I’m just gonna jump right to it and tell you – we have coyotes at our house (and they freak me out).

Their favorite time is to yip and howl is between 12:30-3:30 a.m. And I swear they sound like they are right by my head! They can’t be that far away!

Actually, I know they aren’t because there was an “incident” the other night.

A few nights ago, around 10:30 p.m. I was doing my nightly routine of taking Marley out before bed time. First off- our front yard is super dark at nighttime. Like, can’t see your hand in front of your face dark. All you hear are crickets and the occasional mooooo from a cow. So I go out there with a flashlight usually to  keep track of the dog.

Anyway, on this particular night the moon was super bright so I could see everything. So, I’m standing in the yard (robe, slippers and all) when my dog starts barking and acting skittish. I look to where she’s barking and see a coyote emerge from in between our two cars. Marley barks, runs back to me and barks again. The coyote trots, not runs, but casually makes his way past us and into the woods.

It was the most frightening moment of my life. The fact that he was acting so normal and not afraid made me afraid. After he ran into the woods, I ran into the house and said “Oh my God! A coyote was just in our yard!!”

We’ve known they were around for a while because they make an awful lot of noise at God-awful hours of the morning. The cows on both sides of us get really freaked out, and understandably so.

A couple weeks ago it was very early in the morning and we heard a lot of commotion coming from the pasture beside our house. Cows, coyotes, moos and yips. When a coyote yips, it’s very unnerving. It sounds menacing and evil to me, it just creeps me out.

The next day we found out that a pack of coyotes had gotten a young calf in the pasture beside our house. This made me really sad. I love animals (even the coyotes) and I know it’s nature, but to be eaten alive by a coyote does not sound like a good way to go.

With all of that said, I’ve now put myself on “coyote patrol” 😀 It sounds dorky, but I like to think I make a difference! Ha.

Every night before bed, I take my flashlight and Marley and walk the perimeter of our house and front and back yard. If you’ve never shown a flashlight into a dark field of cows only to see a billion eyes blink back at you, you haven’t lived. It’s eerie to shine a light out there and just see eyes watching you.

Last night at 12:30, coyotes were making a bunch of noise, so I jumped out of bed, flashlight in hand and ran into the backyard. I stood out there for 20 minutes before I went back inside. I shone the light into the pasture, made sure there weren’t any non-cow eyes staring back and then I went back to bed.

I don’t know how long this will last, but I can’t stand the thought of another calf being eaten alive if I could do anything to stop it.

I’m ridiculous, I know.

Moving on…

Today I saw the sweetest thing! Marley and I were in the back yard, and there is this one young female cow that is interested in Marley. Maybe it’s because my dog is black and eats grass, so she thinks it’s another cow?? Haha, I dunno. But the cow was coming toward Marley, I made Mar sit. The cows and Mar’s noses touched each other through the fence as they greeted each other! It was the cutest thing ever. A great way to start my day.

My husband also warms my heart.

This past Saturday we were riding to Lowe’s for more wood-stain. I’m disgusting and have my crappy clothes on to paint. He looks over and does a weird smile. I say “Why are you smiling like that?” He replies “Because I just like you a lot.” ❤ ❤ D’awwwww. Love.

Anyway, I hope you guys have had great moments too this week. I wanted to tell you about our coyotes and the cows. I hope to have a house-related post soon..about our updates, projects, etc.

Happy Wednesday! xoxo,



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