She makes the list every week, but my dog is ridiculous and keeps me laughing all the time…just look at that face 😀


…for backyard sunsets that make my heart all warm and fuzzy…


…for after school runs by the lake with my pup…


…for pizza date nights with the hubs, and the local draft beer that accompanied it…


…for a textbook that almost reads like a novel, so thankful for that! It makes it much easier when the chapters are 50+ pages…book

…for homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese, and the fall weather that led me to it…


…for a professor that is willing to stay after class with me to discuss long-distance running and marathon training (yep, I’m thinking of doing one again!)…

…for my sweet friend, Denisse, that eats lunch and talks about God with me every Tuesday and Thursday…

…and, finally, for my basil plant that I haven’t managed to kill (yet). Amen to that.


I hope your weekend is all that you want it to be ❤


Stacey B.


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