Friday Goals


Hi there.

Happy Thursday to you, hope your week has been swell. Last week, the Friday goals went pretty darn well so I figured “Why not do it again?”

My goals for tomorrow:

  • Have breakfast with my husband
  • Actually shower
  • Study for three hours in the morning
  • Take a break to bake granola bars and play with the dog
  • Study for one more hour
  • Break to clean the house and play with the dog
  • Study one more hour
  • Prep dinner and go to gym with hubby
  • Enjoy night of watching Walking Dead (omg Lori died!!!!! I didn’t like her but I didn’t want her to die. Geez, writers! Way to make a girl sob during a zombie show!)

So, a total of five hours studying. I can do it as long as I break it up. I have a big exam in animal phys on Tuesday that covers all of 11 chapters. Eleven.

And I promise not to get distracted by weird things this time. I wasn’t so successful at this this past Tuesday when, instead of studying for a test, I went around the house taping up Dwight Schrute heads in odd places.

I have problems.

Today I actually have physical problems. I woke up, stretched, and something in my neck popped and now it hurts so bad. I’m trying not to submit to the pain by tensing up, that always makes it worse. Hopefully it will go away as the day goes on, but I’m going to carry some aspirin to school with me just in case.

As for the weekend, Jason and I are planning a yard sale/thrift store date! (If I can wake up that early. And if I can move my head by then.)

It’s almost the weekend, hang in there! To brighten up your Thursday, I’ll leave you with a pic of this hilarious goat, Ivan, I met at Farm Sanctuary. This is what is called the “Ivan lean”.

"How you doin'?"

“How you doin’?”

For all you ladies out there…



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