Homestead: Grass is Growing


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have grass!! Grass is growing in our field. It’s about dang time! I have spent all week raking the field into these bundles you see below.


It is no easy task. When Jason and I bought the house, the “field” (as I like to call it) was super grown up. But lucky us, our neighbor is a nice guy and family friend, so he kindly bush-hogged it for us for a reasonable price. It took two bush-hogging sessions to get the field low enough for me to cut it with the riding mower. And all that dead grass that you see above is what was left (and that’s not even half of it!). Because we have yet to buy an attachable clippings container for our mower, I get to go out there every day and work on it. I have five blisters, an awesome neck tan line, and a few fire ant bites to show for my work. Oh, and mounds upon mounds of dead grass.

I love working outside though. Its a great workout and it works my arms like crazy. But I’m so happy to see grass!!!! Lovely, beautiful green grass! I could pull a “Sound-of-Music” moment I’m so happy.


There is still some raking to do. About 1/4 of the field left, which I am trying to get done sometime today or tomorrow so we can cut it again. After this next cut, there should be no more raking involved 🙂 All of this grass has me running to my husband like “Ahhh, WE MUST PLANT. Food, oodles and oodles of tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, romaine!!! Are you with me?! Now move, move, move!”

And he’s all: “Babe. it’s too late in the year to do that.” And then I do a frowny face until he reminds me that we can start the compost for next years garden  and then I’m fine.

So we kind of have an unofficial compost started. It’s made out of 100% dead grass as of right now. This morning we discussed how we could build a container for a compost, so I see that in the very near future. The materials are cheap and we know how to do it. Should be a quick and easy project! I’ll be sure to show you the finished product.

After the field is raked, we are moving on to this guy (dun dun dunnnnnn):


Scary, right? This is the building/chicken coop/shed/workshop attached to the garage. This the building that our inspector deemed “useless” and told us it should be torn down. We beg to differ. It just needs some cleaning up and a new roof. Possibly new shelves. The sides are sound and in great shape, it just needs some lovin’.

??????????????????????????????? We have a guy lined up to do the roof for us once we are ready to take that step. I think some of the wood in there is salvageable and I love the blue cabinets…which, i was told by a friend were old chicken coops. I could see that. One of our later-on goals is to have chickens, it would be neat if we could use this area for that.


In other news:

I’m ready to eat a cleaner diet. The reason I bring this up is because of all of the veggies I’ve been thinking of planting, and how awesome our summer CSA was. I don’t like to label myself “vegan” anymore, but I eat a 90% vegan diet. I sometimes have cheese when I’m eating pizza or on spaghetti. And if there is feta or goat cheese in the house, you can bet I’m eating that too. This isn’t the point though.

This summer, Jason and I began to steer away from processed foods because of his health. We started doing things like making our own bread, jam, pizza crust, and desserts. A ton of things from scratch. (BTW- local concord grapes turned into grape jam—the. best. thing. ever. to. pass. my. lips.)


Our CSA ended a couple of weeks ago and I’m sad. We continue to buy our produce from our favorite farm stand, but the things they don’t have we have to buy at a grocery store…and it just doesn’t taste the same.  Which is another reason I’m ready for my own big, huge garden. When I say a “cleaner” diet, I mean I’m ready to get rid of the processed foods in the house. Make my own granola bars, pasta sauces, tortilla chips, salsa, etc. I think Jason is ready too. He’s actually pushing for the canning lifestyle, but I’m not quite ready for that yet! I can’t imagine canning anything with the way my schedule is right now..but I’m definitely open to it once I finish school. So this weekend, I’m going to try my hand at homemade granola bars and pasta sauce (not together) 🙂 We’ll see how it turns out.

And no more soda…as soon as I finish the 12 pack of diet root beer in the fridge. Then no more soda. One day a couple of weeks ago I was craving a diet root beer, like I sometimes do, but instead of buying a single 12 oz. like a sane person, I went and bought the 12-pack from a grocery store….naturally…seems logical, right? *sigh*

Anyway, all growing is not halted at the Belk homestead. I did plant my herb garden last week!

???????????????????????????????Funny story: I planted the seeds at 7 pm one night. Early the next morning, I go out to check on them and see a leaf in my basil pot. Of course I start bowing to an imaginary audience “Thank you, thank you so much…I just…I don’t know how I do it. It runs in my family I guess..thank you, you are too kind. I am a great gardener, aren’t I?”

And then a gust of wind blows the non-basil leaf out of the pot. And I straighten up and look around to make sure it’s too early for the hubs to see me. Seems like I have a lot to learn about this planting stuff…like basil doesn’t grow overnight..and I’m acting like a dork no matter what I do.  Yes, those are good lessons to learn. I’m happy to report that the basil is, in fact, growing now. Along with my cilantro and thyme. Yippee!

Time to study and get back out in the field. But first, I shall leave you with the MOMM (music on my mind):

I know. I’m sorry to do that to you.




2 thoughts on “Homestead: Grass is Growing

  1. I am so happy for you and your grass! I just planted carrots, radishes, peas and spinach last weekend. Its not too late for a winter garden. We live in the same area, so you still have time. As far as the homemade pasta goes, let me know how it turned out. I made some a few months ago and used it on the boys pizza, it was great.

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