Dumbphone Pix from My Trip!

Jason is working later than he thought he would. Dinner is on low and I had a much needed beer for a snack…and now I’m blogging. And because there are 87 pictures from my trip, I thought I’d just bring you the ones I took with my phone for now 🙂 Enjoy!



Letters for our mailbox! Whoo! #nottriprelated





And on the second night there was fire…rubbing two sticks together is hard work

Found in a thrift shop..doesn't accurately portray the cows I saw at Farm Sanctuary



Our chipmunk friend, Charles, hung out with us at every meal #domesticatedmammals


The best dang grilled cheese of my life. Did you know if you put spicy tomato sauce in your grilled cheese it tastes like a pizza sandwich?! It does!


The girls braving 50 degree swimming water. No thanks. I’ll sit here and read…that’s all for you.

0811031540aB-e-a-u-tiful. #JimCarrey





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