Oh, Hey


Here’s the deal. I’m squatting at my old house right now, hoping for one little bar of internet miracle so I can check e-mail, write a blog post, and catch up on other blogs. Oh-I’m supposed to be ordering textbooks for the fall too. I’ll get to that.

Our internet is not connected at the new house yet and the cable guy tells us it will be 2. WEEKS. before he can get out there! Bahhh! I might loose my mind. Actually, to be completely honest, it’s been really wonderful. The first night we stayed in the house, it was so quiet that I was actually scared a little bit! It gets dark out there in the country! Marley absolutely loves it. I can’t remember the last time I had her on a leash.She roams around all day and plays ball, chases crickets in the leaves…she is the happiest dog I’ve ever seen. Sophie? Sophie is a different story.

Let me tell you about our amazing cat, Sophie.

We decided to leave her in the empty old house for two days while we stay at the new house. We’d come feed her and pet her, but we wanted her to see all of our stuff gone and know that things are changing and not just throw her into it. Cats are more bonded to their territory than they are their owners. Dogs are the opposite. Marley wants to be wherever we are.

So we left Sophie here, she began noticing and acting a bit freaked out once all the stuff was gone. She’d hide or not come to us. It was obvious that she did not like what was happening.

So, yesterday I come back to the old house with the intention of getting her. I’m prepared for a battle. I’m not going to sugarcoat- my cat is an a**hole. She doesn’t want be petted, she hisses and growls at us all the time. I hand-raised this cat, feeding her milk from a bottle and she has the worst attitude ever…she’s her own cat. She makes up her own mind, she allows us to be in her life.

So, anyway…I come in the door and she comes up to me. I bend down to pet her. She follows me around the house, as soon as I get the cat carrier she hisses and runs.

“OK, fine. You want to be difficult?”. She runs under the kitchen counter to where I can’t reach her…now it’s war. I grab a spray bottle and squirt her until she comes out to where I can grab her. I pick her up and she scratches the beeJesus out of my arm. I think she found a vein…good,good for her. I’m glad she’s accomplishing her goals in life.

Sophie is completely freaking out and scratching the hell out of arms so I lean the crate at a vertical angle and drop her in. The deed is done. This whole time I’m yelling “Why are you resisting?! Sophie, this is happening! We are moving! Get over it!” 😀 I know I looked like a crazy person, but you have to meet this cat to understand.

I take her to the house, sit her in the living room and leave her in the carrier until she calms down. We let her out- and you guys- she has been the most loving cat for the last day or so. She wants to be petted, she slept beside me! Sophie slept beside me! It’s amazing. I know it won’t last, but still. I’m taking it all in. I’ve never had a cat that didn’t crave human attention all the time…I respect that she has her own ways…I just miss something purring at me sometimes, haha 🙂

In other news….we are still so in love with our house. I have a post coming up called “Things I Can’t Believe” that will introduce you to our new home and some things in it! Can’t wait to write it! We have most of our house put together…it’s starting to feel like home.

Also-this Friday I’m embarking on a journey to NY with two giggly, technology-crazed girls. I’ve made them solemnly vow that there will be no singing  Justin Bieber  in the car and no iPads, cell phones, etc while camping or at any dinner we go to. I also told them that I get to pick the car music (folk! Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s, what what!) and if they don’t want to listen, they should bring headphones 🙂

It will be fun, but dear Lord I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into. Pray for my sanity!

I’ll be back this week with the “Things I can’t Believe” post! See ya!




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