Our Vision for Our Family and House


Morning! I’m just going to jump right in and say that we are officially closing on our house this Monday! The realization that we are going to be homeowners very, very soon caused Jason and I to sit down and talk about  what each of us wants for our family and home in this next season of our lives. We’ve been fortunate enough to share the same values and goals thus far, and this wasn’t an exception either 🙂 Seems like my man and I are on the same page again. I love that!

First, let’s start with what we want for our family:

We have slowly been moving towards living more sustainable lives this past year and we hope to carry this out further once we move into the new house. Here are some goals we have for more sustainable/simple lives:

  • Reduce the use of chemicals in the home. The fact that my hair spray sends me into a coughing/gagging fit every time I use it can’t be good. We hope to switch to natural products in degradable containers to reduce what goes in the trash and the atmosphere. I’ve already switched to goat milk soap, which I’m slightly addicted to now…it does wonders for my eczema.
  • Continue to support locally-grown products. We currently get a CSA (community-supported agriculture) box from Bush-n-Vine near our house. We love supporting local businesses and eating their fruits and veggies too!
  • Learn how to grow a garden and give at least 50% of what we grow to a local charity (or those in need).
  • Start a compost somewhere on the property to reduce the amount of trash we have and to cut down on soil costs for our garden.
  • Install a rain barrel. It took me a while to catch on to this idea. I’m like “what can you use the water for?” But there are a ton of things you can use it for! Watering the garden, washing the dog, washing the cars, cleaning the side of the house..ect.
  • Disconnect more. I think we may be the only two people on the planet that don’t have iPhones, but we like it this way. We are at the computer enough for e-mail and for school, there is no way I’d want to carry the internet around with me in my pocket all day. I do love the internet, because of websites like this. And Pinterest, duh. But I’ve really stepped back and replaced some of the mindless time spent at the computer with other things, like reading and talking with my husband in the morning. It’s been nice and I hope to continue to do this. We also wish to get rid of one cell phone, keep one for emergency only and just have a land-line. I can’t remember the last time I had a land-line! I think I was eight. Haha 🙂
  • Stop buying new things. Of course, there are some things that have to be bought new, like shampoo, groceries, sometimes clothing..etc. We mean things like kitchen items, decor, furniture, ect. For example, I had been longing for a bread maker for about 6 months and was almost to the point of buying one ($50-$80) on eBay, but then I found one for $5 at a yard sale! And it works perfectly. You can find almost any item you need in great condition used on Craigslist if you really hunt, and if it isn’t damaged and works perfectly, why not? You know what they say…one man’s trash…
  • Switch to all glass/stainless steel in the home. This goes right along with the reduction of chemicals. The plastics we use really make our food taste funny when reheated. And Teflon, Teflon contains carcinogens. Yuck.

And now for the vision we have for Loretta. (We named our new home Loretta because she’s country but still a bit classy) 😉

  • Build a screened in back porch. There is a door to the back yard in the dining room and the master bedroom. We hope to one day connect the two for a long screened-in back porch that spans the backside of the house. Much like this one…

Our little country screen porch...The grands love the swing, we enjoy coffee in our retro green chairs watching the neighbors go by.


  • To restore the garage/ workshop that we were told was “at the end of it’s life” because the roof had fallen in. We beg to differ. The space is great and comes with built-in shelves and cabinets in the workshop, it just needs a new roof. We’ve already got a guy in line to do it for us.
  • To surround ourselves with meaningful pieces of art and decor. I have a folder collection of artwork that I want to hang in the new house. Mostly black and white pictures of my mom and her siblings when they were kids. A lot of nature-themed stuff. Like pictures about birds and plants species, etc…
  • Add white tile blackslash to the kitchen one day..kind of like this: We like the way it looks with the dark counters.

I like the white tile for backslash


  • Paint. Paint. Paint. The beige rooms make me want to vomit. It reminds me of renters beige. You know, when they paint all the walls that plain, boring wheat color?
  • Add gutters. Top priority.

If you’re interested in seeing what I have in mind as far as how I want the rooms to flow, or the type of style I have in mind for Loretta, I encourage you to follow my “Love Shack” board on Pinterest 😉

We also hope to add another dog to the family once we get settled in. Marley needs a playmate and if we have the room, why not give a dog in need a home?

Happy weekend to you! xoxo



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